• --oh, it is not to be be▓lieved! But consider, Miss Wolcott! It se●emed very

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    clear.He knew he had left ▓his cane here, he of course r▓emembered the talk you had ha●d about it as a weapon of defense, ●he knew that

    you were out of the house tha▓t evening, because he called to see you at ●a quarter of nine and you

  • were not in●.He knew, also, that you had reason to hate Fu▓llerton, he knew that

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    a woman was with Fullert●on when he was killed and that ▓when she fled from the spot she came to this h●ouse-- She interrupted him wi

    th a cry.No●, no! How can he think that It is not true! ▓I did go to the Wellington as I told you, m

  • ▓eaning to see him and try to appeal ▓to his better nature, if he had one,▓ for

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    the return of my letters,▓ but gave up my plan when I found I could no●t see him alone.But I saw no▓thing of him after he left the Welli

    ngton w●ith Mrs.Broughton. That● was early in the evening,--bef●ore eight.Did you come straight

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home▓ Yes. But when Lawrence called at a ▓quarter before nine,-- I had ●shut myself up in my room wit▓h a headache, and told Eliza to deny me▓ to any caller. Then

did you ●go out again,

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later She loo▓ked surprised.Yes.I went out to th●e drugstore afterwards to get som●ething to make me sleep.I was ●nervous and overwrought, and I want▓ed to get a quiet nigh

t's sleep.Then I● came

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home and went in at the ●side door and up to my room. Do you know● what time it was Yes, my grandfather m▓et me in the hall and was very● much excited to find that I had

been out alone ●so late


at night.It was a few minutes

befor●e ten.I noticed the time particularly, because▓ he was so annoyed about it. It all seems ▓very


, now, said Lyon, ch●eerfully

.Just what Bede may have up his sl●eeve, of course I don't know.But I thin●k that with the information tha

t y●ou have given me, we can

che●ckmate him very neatly.Now I must see Howell.W●ith this elimination of the fatal cane as an el▓ement

in the case, I cannot see


th▓at there is anything to connec▓t Lawrence dir

ectly with the situatio●n.I think we can expect to have him free at o▓nce.If we only could really discover the actua●l murderer, it might be better, but I am hope●ful, as things are. Was th

at ●all you wanted to see my canes for● protested Mr.Wolcott, with an air of▓ injury. Lyon laughed and shook his hand▓.I want to add a cane to your● collection if you will let me.W●e'll go and pick it out the day that L

  • ▓or words.She only stared at him, wi?/li>
  • 駎h that fixed look of dismay.
  • Of course,▓ added Lyon, now that
  • we ca▓n explain the cane away, he wil
  • ●l probably speak out. Was
  • that why he w●as so anxious I should
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